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Here at Camp Mutt, we continually strive to exceed your expectations and make your dog ownership
experience as enjoyable as possible. We fix problems and help you avoid future issues. 

We approach dog training in a manner so the dog "wants" to work for you instead of "has" to work for you.
We understand that living with behavioral or obedience issues can be quite frustrating, and if you're experiencing
this, we can help. We replace frustration with effective training and positive results. 

Even if you just want to see your dog work toward a higher level of learning, or you would like to
work better as a team, this is what we do for you! We don't offer the assembly-line dog training.
We focus on the dog in front of us and their individual needs.


The list below are some common issues clients have reached out for help with, and we can help you too. . . 

Pulling on the Leash

Running Off

Counter Surfing

Play Biting


Ignoring Commands



Service Dog

Therapy Dog

Dog Psychology

First-time Dog Owner

Manners or Obedience

and More!

Beyond fixing undesirable behaviors, training is a great way to...

* Establish a means of communication and boundaries

* Break through fear with confidence building

* Build a bond through teamwork

* Reduce stress and anxiety

* Offer much needed mental stimulation

* Eliminate unwanted behaviors or avoid future issues

* Create a meaningful relationship and have fun!

We offer several training programs to suite your needs, please contact us to schedule a FREE evaluation
with your dog to help you decide what works best for you, your schedule, your budget. . .and your dog.