One-on-one sessions are just for you, your dog, and the trainer. You are not sharing your time with other people,
like in group settings. Each week we work with you and your dog to teach a few commands, as well as go over behavior

concerns. Once we are sure that you and your dog know what to do, we send you home with detailed homework to
practice until we meet again the following week. At your next appointment, we verify the commands you were taught,
then move on to new items. This program focuses on our trainers teaching you how to teach your dog.  



Our Board & Train programs alleviate you from the time and responsibilities of training your dog by hiring
a professional dog trainer to complete the training for you. In a Board & Train setting, your dog stays at Camp
Mutt 24/7 
for the duration their program. Board & Train guests receive professional daily training, exercise,
socialization, & play time. At the time of pick-up, you receive a full Private, One-on-One session to "show you
how your new dog works"!



THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! The Hybrid Program combines the benefits of both, the Board & Train AND the
One-on-One programs. Your pup will begin with a Board & Train program, which allows us to jump start their
training for you by getting the foundational and frustrating stuff completed for you. Upon completion of the
Board & Train program, you then transition into One-on-One lessons. This allows us to work with you hands-on to
help you build upon what your dog learned during their stay - or even move on to more learning!