Behavior Modification Evaluations are $50
This $50 fee can be deducted from the cost of your training program.

The best place to start with any training is a no-obligation evaluation.
This allows us to meet and talk with you 
about your concerns, goals, and expectations.
We will ask a lot of questions and assess your dog to gather the most information for the best
understanding of your needs. We will then show you options so, together, we can determine what
program will be the best match for you and your lifestyle. 
If your dog has absolutely no behavior concerns, we can start your program without the evaluation.
No need to keep putting it off - schedule your evaluation today: 



Service Dog Training requires: Obedience, Public Access, & Task Training.

One-on-One, Private Sessions program for Service Dog Obedience Preparation is $825.
The obedience preparation is also offered in our Board & Train or Hybrid programs. 

Service dogs are specifically trained to perform physical tasks for a person with disabilities.
Service dog training programs 
require an initial evaluation to allow us to meet and discuss your needs and expectations. Evaluations also allow us to assess your dog for service dog work.
From there, we can explain the different program options and explain our recommendation to best match your
needs and goals. Because the needs vary to reach individual desired goals, pricing varies as well.

Public Access Training comes AFTER you and your dog have successfully completed
Obedience Preparation program
Public Access 1 and 2 Training includes our Service Dog Equipment Package,
our proprietary Service Dog Legalities class, as well as registration with the state of NC.
Pricing for Public Access is $2150 
for One-on-One sessions.
Board & Train or Hybrid programs are also available for Public Access training.

Task Training is the final training program after you and your dog have successfully completed
Obedience Preparation and Public Access training.
This is a separate program, specifically designed for your desired needs.

Call to schedule a personalized evaluation for you and your dog. 910-548-3257