Behavior Modification Evaluations are $50

The best place to start with any training is a no-obligation evaluation.
This allows us to meet and talk with you 
about your concerns, goals, and expectations.
We will ask a lot of questions and assess your dog to gather the most information for the best
understanding of your needs. We will then show you options so, together, we can determine what
program will be the best match for you, your dog, and your lifestyle. 
If your dog has absolutely no behavior concerns, we can start your program without the evaluation.
No need to keep putting it off - schedule your evaluation today: 



This program is only AFTER you and your dog have successfully completed the
Therapy Dog Obedience Preparation program. 

Camp Mutt is an authorized facility to conduct the Control Evaluation Test for Therapy Dog Certification. 
Volunteer work as a 
Therapy Dog team with your pet is extremely rewarding - and probably our favorite thing!
A Therapy Dog and their handler work as a team to visit facilities such 
as: hospitals, assisted living facilities,
and schools for the purpose of comforting and making people feel better. 
These special dogs bring smiles and brighten the days of people they visit. 

Whether your dog is already prepared for the test, or he needs the complete training 
we can do this for you. Therapy Dog training with us comes in different program options for your convenience. 

One-on-One  Hybrid Program

If you are already test-ready, the control evaluation test is only $150. 

Don't hesitate to schedule your FREE evaluation today!